Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dont Change

There goes invisible bullet shot my head..died for a moment~erk
mmm.bored wif facebook already..any new socialization site? after changing status from Married to Single to bunch of ppl commented on it..haha..dats just a boring activity ever in my life changing a comment..and tag a photo..duhhhh..whatelse??
So now,back to the root~which is my bloggie..lalala..i dun wanna think of any single things that hurt me,threat for me,a heinous moment..well DR K claz must be awesome today..good i didnt read anything..i slept like from 7.30 till now..really tired..i got backache some more..dats not include a warn frm my mom not to lift heavy stuff or my backbone gonna screwed!yea yea yea..i noe dat ages ago~i dunno how to get help..say no..or whatever..*xcept for friend req in fb..i duno u so dun add me..dah xtau nk mntk tlg nk wat m gonna have to spent 1 hour to think whether i shud ask for help o not..sooooooooo..dat one is my nature..i cant change it..u cant simply change ppl's me..
1. shit
2. ice cream must use spoon
3. arrogant
5. food fuss
got some more act but dats all are nature u cant change the way ppl are..let them be themselve..cuz we dun have power to change if for me i noe dat ppl lie to me but i just want them to tell me dgn rela hati dat dey are lying..i can be moody because of dat but when i think about it...what for??for me everyone shud realize what mistakes dat they did..what stuff dey had done..for me nothing to be ashamed of for sayin sorry for my mistakes...if dats my mistake i'll confess..only in certain cases where i feel annoyed den only i wont say
Anyway..m kindda starve lately..i have heavy meals in d morning..gosh my weight x naik2..dats berdoa so dat semua bruise2 hilang..yesterday after exam i hit a chair edge..ngaaaaaaaaaaa...exactly at my knee yg bengkak..tersay me i dun care..dats the real me..i say shit..n when i say it i feel like nobody around me and i just wanna be me..

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