Thursday, February 4, 2010

WHAT leaves mark in life

::chances is is chemistry.flow is physics::
::uncertainty is the poison.confirmation is the cure::
::anger is a wrecker.apologize what makes better::
::hatred is a is exhilaration::
::betrayal is hurtful.loyalty repair the stitches inside::

be responsible of what u have said,done,promise...
...walk to the talk
whateve u do in diz world leaves mark
so be careful on ur stuff
its hurts,its good,its bad,its awful,its happiness
sometime u just dont realize it...

nway i miss my nenek,vampire
i miss my mom,dad,nizar
i miss my teddy,turtle,koala,big teddy,ducky,doraemon,pooh,teddy2 *collection of doll
i miss my bed,pillow

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