Thursday, February 4, 2010


Things quite sturdy and busy and barging into smth dat we call tired and I need my BED *scientifically define-lack of mitochondria that gonna generate ur energy system (Dr Aisya, 2010)..i haven’t sleep yet..n its kindda my 10th hour staring at this lappy after doin my business management thingy..gosh..i lost my brain somewhere in the next 15 years to real life.this week had been such a pack week!rarely seen in room..fhew,,dat was awful..class till 9 pm..well today, Wednesday is the day dat I wanna skipp the most..Wednesday is d day that full of everything (spooky class,debate)..but today is my big day..of course I have to bare 3 hours wif my beloved Dr Khairil….*business+market+competitions+small+big=5 sachet nescaffe..thanx ~I do love his class tho..cuz its kindda interactive n u gonna learn lots of stuff..i can tell,,ngaaa..anyway..i have the election for mahasiswa today..which I haven’t prepare anything cuz m too busy wif facilitator training, research method, employee act as well as compensation thingy..and damn I forgot to do my online quiz and I officially lose 1 mark upon 100%..m so pissed but hold my horses cuz there are plenty of workload comin in..cuz last nyte,m revising,do notes,do assign task,read journals,analyzing management stuff,write official letter since m a secretary for my industrial training..ohhh..and printing..this moment only I click on my MOZILLA FIREFOX !!how packed was dat..well..never mind soon it will be more load comin in..n diz Saturday I have futsal match and great I was elected as a LEADER for PANGEA program (socialization,training,facilitate students to participate in networking all over the world..there will be KOREANS,JAPANESE,AUSTRIAN,KENYAS,MALAYSIANS,GERMANY’S,FRENCH..some more kot xigt) me there are more than BUTTERFLIES in my to handle those things futsal in the morningand that thing on the afternoon..n m d leader dat gonna start gonna be zombie at night…mitochondria cant generate power MORAL support is needed here!!man cant believe m doin all diz stuff..i CAN do diz!!wua =,(..M NOT READY FOR MY SPEECH diz afternoon~~I gez m gonna have diliver my speech in bm kindda worst wen I start saying it..n plus I cant be spontaneous..i need last minute ideas but no one have to do diz..well wrapped everything up..

3 principle of the day

1. Breathe easy, inhale, exhale let it go

2. Energy can be recharge

3. Be a fighter *


Dr Aisya,(3 February 2010) .Aisya HANDBOOK:How to be motivated at eleventh hour. Somewhere in VENUS.Printed in KBR (no PDF version available). Pp 1-3++

retrieved 2 February 2010

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