Monday, February 8, 2010

After so many post for a week

Again woke up at 3 a.m..i need to have some pills to help me sleep better~i hate to depend on my painkiller when therz a horrific air jet thumping my brain * was obviously caused a cold feet and high temperature..*fever..i'm not dat well but i still a sense of my second choice of issues will be relieved..which is stress~
i have no idea why i pull myself in stuff like so academically active..this is what i hate the most bout myself which is doubting choices..tell me which one is hard?making choices or seeing ur choices ruining ur life..we're talking bout my course,my path..thats all annoys me wen i have to think..who am i suppose to be in the next 2 years..
I dun xpect ppl come and pampered me like a lil kiddy..i just wanna CARE..thats all..friends..and its hard for ppl to do it~i dun wanna blame the world for it..the world goes round and dun go triangle...i need friends but i dunno how to trust wen dey keep hurting me..then...
Love is always the thing dat i cudnt fingers are still a lil bit short and m not that tall enough to grasp those..but i'll wait..but i dunno for how long..but just keep waiting..hoping dat d person know how much i love much miss much i need much i wanna look deep into his eyes and said honestly with my care,with my faith..dat i reli love matter what happen back ther or infront..cuz it never still like the first time i say it till never goes fractured by times..i just wanna hear the words that he loves me too..cuz i hadn't heard for quite some time..and dat scares me..VAMPIRE
whatever happen i shall not give up!!go life!go aisya!*scary wen u motivate urself

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