Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mid Term

Mid term diz afternoon will be lunatic i bet..we're so clueless..the format..plez no eesay or m really gonna cry on d desk..n writing using my tears..apakah~..harus dk sblah khad as an inspiration..dat cendawan(khad) pn has to sit next to me cuz m her inspiration tooo *hahahah..exaggerate nmpaknye..
thers only 4 chapters in..butttttttttt 1 journal included..and i havent touch dat journal and i was printing it last nite and fell asleep togather wif phones,tammy,mouse,novel,diary,papers,magazine and mp4...
Quite cuakz here since i noe this lecturer well.she gave me B+ for my paper time 2nd sem~truthfully creepy..
Anyway BREAKFAST today :
Skyflakes Medium
Cloud 9 chocs
Milo Fuze...

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