Saturday, February 20, 2010


At First Sight--mmg la m a type of person yg xmenghayati lyric..hahahaha..damn..its a gay song!!!cant believe i like this song..but syezly it nice..just the part.."you said u wanted me to be ur GF"..sounds normal ryte...suddenly "i know u hate me..i'm .....GUY" *guy 1..and "you like the GUY on ur ipod and not the guy in ur bed" *guy 2..huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...apakah~theres 2 GUY...bluekkkk..if i cud force u to love me i wud..force who?hahahah..and PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY?hahaha..this even funnier..

Well yesterday we kindda mess in a car accident,,its quite hot goin on outside..i yg sememangnye malas nk get into this emoic stuff stay shut not triggering myself..cuz i noe what will come out frm my mouth..the F or the S thing..dats not i stay shut cuz i dun wanna talk in english and i dun feel like joining the debate for a stupid car injury..Tim was freaked out entirely..cken said we are all screwed tp still bley laugh..u see its funny they claim 300 buck for a dirt yg bley lap gne car polish and they make thing worst so dat they get paid..dts y tim was so freaked hell soooo gle out!cken said maybe cuz they saw what shirt we wear what shoe we put on and the bags..dats y they all mntak byk2..hahah..i just smirked..aleng made a stupid joke..jual kasot nike cken and my adidas pay the fine..huhu..putus fius pnye kwan

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