Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Early Edition~heaven

Early morning post?hehe..i just woke up,switch on my lappy and bloggie world here i come..last nite was heaven~~( and vampire thingy..luv u vammpy)..anyway..i gez dah kindda ages m bragging on myself..(obviously all about me)..what happen around me shud be brought in..hahah..especially in this tedious world of holiday( padan mke org lain balik..uwaaa)..i see kacang isn’t goin back and only tim and d empty house..xclude kacang cuz I dun wanna include her in my daily occasion..(heee..bwat hot je). Tim had this new obsession..fhew..letih sungguh ak tgok bdak sorang nih..if Philipine happen to be her point of interest NOW!!!korea game show..ya ampun..tired seeing her gelak xtentu pasal..24/7 menghadap laptop wif headphone on..she kindda bersekutu wif ida riot..i was juz frowning stupid cuz mmg zero acquaintance bout all this…chae hyul la..jae jong la..urghhh..plez guyz m clueless..even d meja makan time lunch..they juz cant stop..”uu cute nye.uuu this that”..hahaha..okay..pasni ak bukak cter French and spain plak kay..u guys g bukak kedai game show..(apakah bahasa?mmg trok bm). Another massive activity those 2 girl immersed in is business online..haaaaa..nila time they wanna try marketing talent to ME!!!aaaaaa…xmo dga xmo xmo…first attempt shud be me..gosh they were selling stuff in blog…who’s d model..speaking of d devil I heard a door knock…must be ida..yg chicken out nk tdo kt apartment sendiri cuz no one home..hahah (ida xpayah berdalih ak tau ko takot *gaye cm ida bace blog ak je)..m so freakin dead if dey read this..hahahaha..but syezly they start promoting stuff..adeke patot..once sales girl ckp kne bli jgak..sungguh x efficient marketing system budak2 d law of product development therez gotta be processes..che wah..mengada la plak nk berfact and be theoretical…xpayah..xpayah..and surprisedly (just a minute ago) I found my lost hippocampus breakdown again,outside my room I cud hear some pertinacious talk~ther goes ida nak balik rumah la tu..inside I felt like living in the tons of ice cubes..darn chilly..wuaaa..nak kate winter season,peninsular in drought and I’m in Malaysia..gosh get real..get real (menggoncang2 diri sendiri to wake up from being creep dream yg contagious berpanjangan)..alrite then..shall go for shower by now..wake up world!wake up vampy I love u!adik stop calling me monyet plez or m gonna call the thunder to struck u head off..heee…

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