Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Help~eating monster

This afternoon i went for lunch,ther was my food and i bought another one as in take away pack..*dgn harapan m gonna eat it in 3 hours from dat particular time..(and ice cream)..Apparently,my eating disorder *desire to eat yg melampau..its not even an hour passed..20 minute I guess,I started to unwrapped the food container and finish it!!outrangeous!weird!horrific!(can u do that?) I mean m a girl..but doesn’t matter..m not afraid of growing fat but the fact is..this behavior is nonsense..imagine,,u just have ur lunch 30 minutes ago and u have another food 20 minutes later as heavy as ur lunch was..huwaaaa..i noe this keep going to happen for a week (darn it happen once a month)..untill~~*screwed hormonal swing in body system..and to make it worst is d food was soooo super hyper spicy..what I did was chewed it for 4 times and swallow it..they tot I was crying insane on d food,but trust me..i was sobbing because its too hot, even after 500 ml mineral water came into my lips was super hot burning,,so I sat on my bed eating lollypop and endure the firing spices..Feel like the super hot spicy effect blends wif my blood and all gone red..and yeah I was sweating *to show how spicy the food was..and now here I am at 7 p.m starts to be HUNGRY again..*a moment a way to be a bad wolfie..bad2 wolfie mcm dlm lil re d riding hood..huhu..seriously m starving and café officially closed (taz café)..what kind of tummy I owned once in a month????for the god sake..heaven send me some food plez~~*dgn mke pnuh kesian..this eating syndrome really kills me..uwaaa..just a moment ago I made my ears in d superb pain,the earing dat I wore on my right stuck on my shirt..ahhhhh..dat was indeed a slight of movement dat leads to auchhhh..ngeeeee…screwed everything!nasib xkoyak 2 my ear..torn internally..therz gotta be swell spot on d right..ehmm..i wanna go for shower,,before I fall asleep and being a stinks not hygienic..okay..daaaa virtual world~

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