Monday, February 1, 2010

Get off from my early morning sights

Damn!why it is so hard to bash ppl up if dey weren't in debate..for the god sake i cant stand seeing dat morron walking around like nothing ever if..i'm so kindhearted..she's too blind too see how much i hate her..what a creepy genetics that made her up..i wish i have these radioactive like one in group 1 lithium or anything that can blow her..i locked my door and m not gonna lend her any of my stuff..
How fucking stupid was dat wen i said.."u can learn alot if u use dictionary and try very hard for ur own stuff" dat is so not gonna work..
i shud have said "are u blind cant u see m fed up helping ppl who did not want to help theselves..what???u came to university so dat ppl will do ur stuff???" what m i?electronic dictionary that have on and off button..and type MORON and there goes the meaning -ppl who is so dumb witted and have this damage in brain so cant think like human being dat have feeling-
I'm gonna do diz which is..screwed her luxury and make her use her own brain..and watch where she goin, cuz she is so fucking over the limit..i dun wanna fyte cuz really..after 20 years i be able to control it..great!!i cant remove dat fan thingy on my fb..damn!the link stuck..i dun wanna have any connection wif ur faculty thingy..cuz i hate ur faculty!!!its full of budak2 keledek!!! idiot!gosh!!!xkn upload pic kat mail pn xtau!!!!!!!!!!!!nmpak sgt ske suruh org!!!!!!!!i forbid her to enter my room,touch my stuff,dun simply take away my iron and returned it 4 days later..n i have to borrow ppl's one..I HATE BORROWING..reli hate that..n especially when i have the stuff but ppl dun returned it..dun ever dream i will lend u my esprit umbrella..u break my boundaries i play cruel..i dun care if u wanna die in the rain~like u even think before waking me up if u want me to do stuff..
Get off from my life moron!I HATE to see ur face..

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