Friday, February 12, 2010

Chinese new year

Chinese new year in???since m not goin back..screwed to my decisional theory..urghh..only last few days mom called asking whether I wanna go home or not..gosh~seriously I dun wanna mess my dad head by letting him spending 10 minutes to stare at his lappy and book the ticket cuz he mite be lupa!!!and instead buying himself a ticket to Bali or Philippine or Singapore or Bangkok for tennis m I suppose to noe cuz I never noe anything..anyway…dat all job are all done by my m goin at uncle..and diz Chinese new year will be in again I cuzzie d doctor will be home for diz coming break and I dunno whether d one in utem will be here as holiday planning kindda unplanned!!!sorry to my lil wrestler partner “khairul nizar yg sengal”…m not goin back n have to wait for ina’s wedding diz March..promise I’ll treat u Nandos and Pizza and a shirt and a jumper and a shoe for ur birthday…I’ll pay my 10 buck debt…(since he so berkira dat lil brat)—as long as he help me to do laundry,cook and vacuuming d house..*which particularly he gonna do all alone..diz is not bullying but using the existing human based facilities..which is cheaper and I noe sarah (laila maisarah,leila,ala,sarah,maisarah,nenek tua) will miss calling me nenek kebayan..cuz wen I called her sis she nag2 at the back(igt org xdga ke hah??dats what she say..and some more drivel)..sorry la sarah wait next month kay…and to my guava juice kt kdai I’ll buy u do the pancake..(I miss my own pancake..d home made one) I dun wanna cook those here..lasagna,carbonara and blogonize and the SWEET CORN SOUP..yummy…I need a complete kitchen set w/o any flaw..che I dunno what m I suppose to do but there will be dozen of loaded task after Chinese new this is my time to relax..chill and plez do not stress..cuz I hate to take migraine pills everytime I’m in stress..but weird insomnia coming..sooo no comment..i love u virtual do do do do my bank gonna miss mimie cuz she’s goin back..n gonna miss khad,deb,pink,dewi,Irene..and my ESE classmate yg sengal xigt dunia putus fius..litar flip flop xlengkap~esp,Houghton yg short circuit xcukup bateri..and my fan club member..wakakkaakaka..there will be more post comin since I have nothing to do here xcept foods party

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