Monday, February 15, 2010


wuaaaa...i miss vammpy,,i was so fuckin pissed who the hell hit him?gosh!!! wear eyes on head not on ur sleeves..*wanna belasah dat dare u get my vammpy scratched..urghh..dush3..if i have power like mark parkman..~~heee..dat driver is so gonna be a dead meat..
Anyway..i went for chinese new year visit yesterday,,,uuuu awesome..yong yong house~we ate like nuts!!huhu..ther goes my fav "pistachios" yeay..i love dat nut since i think m 4 years dad used to buy those alot cuz he loves d pistachios sooo like freakin much..ohhhh my lord m sooo starvin by now..last nite havin shower at 2 a.m and there goeas mom misscalled me like dozen of time..i was asleep n i dunno how i woke up wif pnuh unconscious..i was a bit pissed last eve cuz FOOD issue..i dun wanna talk about it but seriously pissed and totally outta mood..dats y i bumped on my bed and fell asleep like a polar bear~M hungry..starvin..famished..and etc...foods....foods..plez send me food!!!

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