Thursday, February 11, 2010

She's the bane of my existance

1.Cant u see dat i never look at ur face wen i talk
2.Are you stupid?
3.Do you know how much i hate to open my door and see you outside
4.Dont you see that you are hated
5.Are you damn ill half neglected brained person??you didnt apologize for using my facebook d other what!!
Here Things.....
I dun wanna lend u my stuff...tho u paid me i still dun wanna lend u stuff and i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wen she wanna use my stuff!!!i hate it damn it!!i have to send text messages to khad and tell her to save me..she was just darn annoying ass@#$!!!the only thing that make me irritated and pissed in this life is her..who wants to joke wif her anyway..she wasted my printer ink!!!n i dun lyke it~i ahte that KACANG!!!SCREWED KACANG!!!
huh..m tired...its my 15th hour without sleep tho..m just tired..but not really tired..i dunno..wua..unconcious already~janji da mkn ubat my day is settle =l.....

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