Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 1 Probation..the beggining


Encouraging myself to throw myself out frm the bed,i was the let my brain left empty. I really dun wanna think of any problems that i had,feeling or any skeptical desire..tout va bien,at the moment, my french is a bit rusty since ages away frm it..i just hav a pack of choc gardenia (i hate creams) this morning and my head is getting dizzy *i skip my pills..nothing really bizzare that can ruin my 1st day of probation~no one noe bout this so dey must be wondering how weird i didnt scream any words today,i was completely silent and doin my stuff,,quel est le plat du jour ??nothing..accept i had misprinted the letter for the 3rd time,mais je reve!!:(( my left head is getting worst but i still wanna write here..i dont care,,i will nver leave my bloggie and my diary alone--its my everything..i just wanna commit to some ppl that "vous n'aves pas le droit!!to say things bout me" okay..m cool with dat and i have load of work,ther goes my day 1 started to be a bit hot and spicy..hmm..i mumble to myself the whole way back to my room..i have to manage foods,i have to make sure things..who am i?united states president?i need a break..but i had a break last week,indeed long break,so i told maself not to complain just do it..diorng mmg love to ask me to do this and that..hmm..i'm not complaining,,Qu'est-ce que tu aimes faire pour t'amuser?i had lost d definition of fun,and my life isnt fun anymore cuz i lost apart of myself,yg get drown ngan benda2 yg childish and nonsense..A good present need to have new wrapping paper,an old song need a new rhythm..really i had lost fun,cuz i just felt..hmm leave it,,
I'm gonna have to hold a piling up work tho i just finish one that reli mountainous..i reli wanna be wif someone that always sparks my day once upon a time,,i dun wanna give him burden by telling mine,,i keep wishing 24/7,,checking my inbox..but its empty,, un garcon dat i love..in this busy moment wen i'm trully sick,headache,vommiting and weak..or wen i'm in d middle of crisis,in d middle of busy crowd..i just cant stop thinking bout him..ther goes my probation day 1..full of consternation,blurry picture,headache,tasks and get a non stop phone call frm the vice president..
I need a green grass to lie on instead of bed,,i wanna fly to a place wher thats just soft breeze and waves and perfect sun covered wif clouds...i wanna be next to the fall,lying on the hammock,,wild flowers blooming,so tropical..so peaceful..hmmm..sigh..(long)..away..

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