Thursday, February 11, 2010

Supply and Demand

As usual..if Wednesday passed it’s a relieved,,BUSIEST day is Monday and Tuesday..Critical day is Wednesday, Laundry day is Thursday…Short day is Friday..fhew..woke up at 4 am starts doing imperative thing of d day..which is background study~this is fun..this business class happen to the intricate one to score…I need to find the url and show u ppl how creepy was it his rule of the house..its even in pdf version..gosh..everytime he came into d class he will lowered d temperature happily so that we all freezing..but m so proud bcoz beyond all those my name is on Morpheus

“Siti Aisyah Abd Hamid-Very Good!!”

“this girl notes have value”

“this is what we’re looking for”

I feel like eating those compliments or even keep it in d frame and gantung depan pintu..hahaha..anyway today quotes of the day is “SUPPLY AND DEMAND”..Dr Khairil says

Anyway those line was not about goods or services but its about boys..he was complaining on the percentage of boys in university and end up saying dat boys in Malaysia can have 4 girlfriend..i was like -jaw dropped-..and the ridiculous thought of the day was made by one of the girl saying dat “boys need to have a bungalow, Ferrari, swimming pool”..this is so pathetic in a sense of…REALLY PATHETIC..can ppl stop thinking about money ONCE!!!i hate this discussion..i mean dat was a crude one do u xpect an fresh graduate to have dat kind of realistic rather than materiatistic..and not worth marrying because of money..if we can make money ourselves why do we need to burden others or using others for cash..really for it not sit and wait~if I were to be the CEO I’ll definitely bar her to be recruited in my company..

Debate time!!OMG..she is soooooooooo annoying..grisha cant stand seeing her being annoying..i felt like trampling her face and dumped her in the garbage bag and post it to Alaska..gosh..sabar jela..monique was so kind and nice to HER..but then she was damn bloody sengal and rude and harsh and mean and rise her tone more than 3 octave ~grisha had my right arm bruised because she pressed it too long and she was reli xtahan wif dat girl pnye attitude…damn ass#$%* u’re the 2nd speaker..dahla xcontribute idea and mcm nk carik gduh..if u can talk mcm barrack obama I dun mind..if u’re so superb hebat gle I dun bother..but WTH..WTF..heeee..i reli feel like poking her eyes off..sooooo freakin annoying~whats the purpose u join debate club..buat bising every Wednesday and get a senggang credit for contributing NOTHING..i wanna smack her!i wana! I wanna!reli!!!why I met ridiculous girls today..i dun understand u girls..i wish m not girl!!!what the hell is wrong in ur brain ppl..

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