Monday, February 8, 2010

This World is Mine

apakah....haha..fell frm bed..pdahal terang at 8 pn still xoff light
sungguh pebaziran thap cendawan--tammy still asleep..conquer my blanket *lol..before today,mondays starts to be gila~insane~lunatic~kne adjust skru dlm otak yg dah xbrape nk btol..choiiii (slang johor dat mean=xboleh blah)..its been awhile m writing wif fully english..what had gone wrong inside my medulla (putus fius) harus see dr tan for neural breakdown..
gez its going to rain soon..*umbrella up
Just now i went depan mirror..masyaallah~~ya ampun!if my mum see of course kne belasah ceramah 72 hours dgn package exclusive..hbes la bruise sepanjang tangan..i tot got 3 spot je..rupenye..amek kau..kat lengan,wrist xpayah ckp..those spot got bruise..n ad yg saket some wonder menderita..nang dasyat(sarawakian says)..
tangan plak rse cm nk keluar muscle2 mengalahkan mike tyson (is he alive) my tongue terseliuh..gara2 tongue twister "red lorry,yellow lorry" sungguh ak benci dat line..
i give mysev 5 minute more to brag here..after this gotta go for laundry..ya ampun!punye menggunung baju..bleyh xperasan dah 70% baju xde dr closet..mulut ni xleh nk stop menelan chos sejak la bleyh chocs jd drug..addicted cm hape..and apakah dad called early in d morning..soo the world is mine today..m gonna do sesuki suka saki suku hati..apparently today is Monday..the busiest..lets see..
laundry--tidy room--ironing--study sket com n ben--read federal constitution--read script for ESE--going out to faculty--class SSX--class ESE--break 2 hour--class Employment Act--meeting student affair board member--balik2--study com ben--assignment research method--bed

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