Monday, February 15, 2010


Drought in Selangor..i miss my hometown like super much,see...what global warming had done to us..unbalance weather..30++ degree Celsius is too much..poor my lovely polluted state..why dun we stop cutting trees and please save our nature..lucky me in Sarawak cuz weather forecast said ther will be rain tmmrow morning and non in peninsular..i'll definitely being a roasted sugarfree if i were home..gosh2..
Anyway since m not gong to dat wedding in Bintulu..of course my uncle and autie je yg pegi..najwa mite be on d board as well..its a relive but then i have to think what shud be done for the entire week..which absolutely gonna be boring..and lame and nothing to do....xcept watching HEROES till season 4..this is killing me..what m i suppose to do?
2.cook?urghhhhh...shud be the last in d list
3.enjoy?--wif my gang?m not feeling of doing gang thingy isnt included cuz its my daily occasion
5.sports?errr those sporty gang werent here..they were all goin back..
so what the hell m i doing here in the college enjoying the emptiness for a week!!darn...damn..dats better..i wanna jump2..scream2..sing songs..and bueno!!
i need FOOD!!!! want feel like eating cheezy creamy salty spicy stuff..whats dat suppose to be?i wanna eat soup..arghhhhh..THIS IS DEPRESSION!!!!!FOODS!!

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