Monday, February 22, 2010

Edisi je parle mix2

When kepala yg berdarah rse mcm xde darah,When jari yg painful rse cm xde pape..mean mmg ak dah putus fius..huuuu..pas mal..terasa diri popular sekejap lepas sign memorandum for president,and every monday yg mmg bernas,because of ESE class. I take dat as Aisya fanclub class,,these ppl were really frantically lame funny...i notice i have few nick name in one claz,Aisya sexy,Aisya sayang,Siti sayang..haha,i felt like havin a public humiliation,,*blame the story telling session suis desole to mysev..and wondering y zureini xreply2 text aku,rpenye..battery aku yg low..ish...s'il vous plate!apres demain is meeting..and terasa gila kejap sebub tlampau byk letter kne tulis,,quelle heure est-il?il est une heures..maaa..m not in shower,m now facing my lappy printing out some of the new letter..and syezly bau blik yang dah pelbagai,kejap chocs,kejap strawberry kejap cherry blossom, y a beaucoup le fragrance..and if khad didnt text me til 1.30 (oh my , a vos souhaits!!speakin of the devil her text comin in..khad psychic)..i was just about to say "j'irai avec toi"..pegi sensorang..sungguh ak dah ptus fius pergi cmpur2 bahasa,kejap bm,bi french..plez no suis Aisya after mixing lang~chio

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