Monday, February 22, 2010

She is so PITY

ak xtau npe ak ske writing,mmg sejak lahir ke ape eh,i wonder

Comment dit-on malang en francais?Merci bloggie for being my 2nd diary (at least not a detail thing i wrote in my blue super diary)je ne comprends pas npe i love writing..hmm..anyway,today reli my bad day rsenye~hmm..long way to put into a short story,adeh..i was dehydrated,,mau je lari g hospital "doctor tolongla!s'il te plait DRIP saya!tolong doctor sy dah nk mati" sounds paranoid..i was asking some coins (dgn mke pucat lesi anemia or thalesmia *cm nizar..)..vending mechine kat lobby off so i went to hall..and really (*#$%%$#@#$) that "kindhearted" mechine g telan my coins tanpa mengeluarkan any drink..m sweating already and it was a cold sweat (read fact:cold sweat is non-healthy one)..hoping to call 911 for immediate glucose *just h--- drip me..i went back into d claz breathless and vulnerable and wif my chicken twig leg almost tripping..being silent for 2 hours or m gonna fell fainted in front of d crowd in my claz and miss humaira that reli enthusiastically teaching in front ..few thing happen following the event ~i was being question for my short stories cuz of the english is so classic and reli like a novel writer *aduh..pening ne comprends pas!!!pourqui??is it wrong to rite in dat kind of rela buat 1 story and u sit in front of me cuz d result will be d same,i was reli xlarat to answer so i just throw an answer "yes i wrote it i love vampire and always readin it but i dun copy cat" pas grand-chose i can say..sekali lagi terasa nak sujud kat lantai dah *rsenye dah terlebih garam dats y i vais bien but then i reli pas si bien~xlarat nk tell everything in one page,xtermasuk salah print,aniq xtampal2 memo,and ak kne buat semua drama pnye script (mcamla 2nd year ni terlampau relax,i have mahasiswa,debate,latihan industri,college,assgnment,2 mid term THIS WEEK) how bien and heaven if ad assistant..senang je "nah bwatkan script)

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