Friday, February 19, 2010

F*** security system..DAM!!!FREAKIN SHIT PNYE SYSTEM

I'm sorry vammpy...:,(...this is so inevitable,,Damn!!!darn~f*** to security system of my beloved uni..damn!!!i wanna see my buttercake,and plus mmg thap kelaparan yg xleh nk dibendung (proud using the right malay term)..kedekz xbleh blah.pdahal now is CUTI SEMESTER..pak cik don u noe???????? spoil tol..i was jumping into my red blousie and jeans ..feeding my head wif solely food fact,lyke i was sooo super hungry actually tho i had my dinner (m having this transition thats y my apetite go like uranium bomb!)...i hate those pak cik..asking him as if like he was a criminal..i hate them,,fuck la those law after 12..bley je masuk bdak2 ni kul 3 pagi!!this gotta be the stingy one!kedekot thap cendawan!!i was tucked up on my bed after 2...poor my vammpy,,and for the god sake i noe how it feels being in dat situation..i remembered they took my matric card wen it was just 12.15..damn!do i look darn suspicious???????sengal la pak cik nih!!mmg kepala rse dah nk kuarkan aura super saiyan,letupkan pondok guard kat depan tu..they even banning earth hour..atas alasan security..kepala diorg!!!adeke any case yg melibatkan security??ade ke org pecah masuk?hello!!!!!...alasan xleh nk dipakai masyarakat..i hate those ppl!!!i wanna see my vammpy cuz tmrow he'll be off.. :(( ..maybe vamppy shud say "i wanna pick my wife kot" baru those ppl yg retarded tu give green lite!!this is lebih melampau dr parents aku!!!syez shit..the law is garbage!and wasnt suppose to be applicable time cuti mid suggestion pak cik g download jadual kat morpheus kay..dala i was overexcited!!!!mmg siot!!!:(( i wana see vammpy..i miss him badly..heeee..gara2 security kedekut thap xingat..mmg HOT!!!!benci security @#%^..m so fuckin pissed!

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