Monday, February 22, 2010

Transition is happening

I'm a terrible monster wen m in rage i'm an angel like creature wen i'm okay..which side shud i delete?the left ryte..for the god sake..emm..thanx for one dat make me realize how childish it is being in veng..and i realize there are alot of thing we shud bother in diz world rather than focusng on one tiny winy threat dat can screwed ur life..if 5 pages wasnt enough i can add more..m totally cured frm few took me 5 years to reach the stage wher i didnt go and grab ppl collar and jerk them right before my eyes,,that was few years back and i wanna change not because being forced..but becoz i've been thinking alot since few years back,,i cant be in rage..
Realize that m not teenagers anymore that have identity confusion,always in rebell..yeah..he's ryte m matured enough to think that..tho i hate my boarding school so much but i gez ther wher i learn to stop fighting back wen ppl screwed u..wher i learn the meaning of silence..but i am what i am,,ppl always changing,m in a transition phase into adulthood,,act like grown up,stand on my own feet..m not forcing myself to change BUT letting them changing slowly,m so proud on day when i woke up i'll be no more the old me,,i'm the otherwise,,i'll do what i preach i'll make it frm now on no more cursing,fucked up day in diary,being ordinary better than being abnormal.. ...alryte..chow..till then

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