Saturday, February 6, 2010


Chanting *think bout smthg else..what something else could be if the thought that we're having ryte now is things that we dun wanna stop..pause..make it slow..Life is just life..who m i to talk about it~(feel like writing a movie script..myte grab some grammy tho)..You wanna walk out but dunno where it leads wanna change but u're afraid of uncertainties..
We really dun realize how awful we treat ourselves in this life,but it just happen..
Once a while u feel like you have ppl at ur many till dey dunno whether which hand do i need to support me..indeed..none..sometimes u just feel guilty but that was really not ur faults..
Sometimes u keep say i'm sorry but that was not ur line~sometimes u just keep waiting because u have faith on it..really a wait..
As if for me m waiting for my great great great vampire. Cuz i believe whats inside not the flaw that he has..Everyone has a flaw,human are not nothing perfect,,sometimes its hard to make people believe and on the waits of a long time..the clocks keep ticking and the time keep moving..i never gonna change my faith on vamppy..i believe what i see inside not the things that builds him outside..cuz even the time stops,m in a moment of drowning into my jobs and stuff..this is the thought that can never be keeps revolving around the surface of my faith. Its a feeling that will never end..tho i'm afraid..really afraid of uncertainties..what keeps me alive in this thought and feel faith..m not the right person to talk about life,,but i believe in one thing faith is what make u have a strong grip..have faith in anything..dun care how many time being pushed away..dun care how many pages more u shud write..dun care how many day u drown in cries..dun care how many stiches on ur heart..cuz the grip that i have is strong enough to make me thru the rain..n i dun wanna go or let it go..

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