Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quatable Quotes

Ahhh.fedup sudehh downloading..thanx my fon fell frm my study desk *inactive sim..fedup sudeh waiting for diz justin bieber song!!it took ages to grab d video,i had open 6 tab for d same song,,nsib baik its a nice song,,tersa nk throw diz lappy down frm 3rd floor n bley madly in love wif my hansome red sony vio,,*make a phone call for new novel before mom complain wher'd ol my cash gone for diz solely short 2,dun let me in mph or popular!!anyway i bumped into my old quotable quotes..nice one top 5 dat i like
1.The snob error is to put a good taste before a good heart..Joseph Epstein
2.Turn your face to the sun shadows fall behind..Jan Goldstein in sacred wound (Regan Book)
3.We call things we dont understand COMPLEX,but that means we havent found a good way of thinking about them..Tsutomu Shimomura,Takedown
4. Fear is just excitement in needs of an atitude adjustment...Russ Quaglia and Doug Hall
5.Being truthful,when you know it will cost you,is the true test of honesty...Dave Weinbaum

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