Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scary THINGS Happen Here

Currently not in a hustle mood~seriously i had finish 1/3 quarter of the book..i cant wait to buy the next one Dancing With Vampire (4 books in common)..and m gonna have to beg my mom for the Vampire Diaries series..3 books altogether in a set..(so rm36 times 3)..reli gonna create hassle wif my lil bro since i screwed his plan to buy the new selfish sister makes me..
I'm not entirely conscious today actually,credit for whom comin into my apartment,nice try to make me wake up cuz m not..haha..however what makes today reli HOT!!! uni got this serious ghoosebump issue!!and things goin not-so-nice anymore..i heard frm my cliques in other colleges, this supernatural thingy really get into the hot spot of the wif hypnotizing cases that growing fast and getting much more terrific (ahhh....spooky here)..There even a notice in the college bout all this stuff!!--this sounds like a concrete reason for me to book a ticket home--i dun wanna think about it so much,,but then since its a hot potato here,cant resist rather than listening to the new stories dat keep comin to my ears even wen m not asking~..Above of all,,the "JACK THE RIPPER " case is the hottest and he or it had take one girl down,,suprisingly no exploding news around just a careful warning,,maybe politics in uni..or policies..i have no idea..but all of this really barbaric,,if this creature is a human being plez captured him in flash,,lifes are in danger,and his is not jack the ripper era anymore,,who gives u certificate to rape ppl..
Anyway i miss my vamppy~maybe he's busy wif his melambak asgmnt..huhu..(have fun,enjoy ur time doin it dear..huhu)... :)

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