Monday, February 15, 2010

Gila Gila Gila

i gez m getting so so so happy dat vampire text me..till my glucose level naik significantly high..but m scared..m happy..fear of his feels..but more to jovial!!get well vamppy!!i love heart is fill with u..i wish i still in 30th June 2009..wher everything started..
"you're everything i need and more..its written all over...lalala.."
feels like wearing coat and sweater in the sunny day
taking off shirts in cold chilly day
eating mayonaise
throwing away cheese
upside down
downside up
playing basketball in futsal field
kicking balls in basketball court
my head is turning round..head over heels..i wish i can tell,scream,yell,yack,brag,drivel,shout,yelp,cry,mutter,whisper that i love you..cuz i just cant think of anything rather than u..!!vampireluvpalsy...aisyaluvampire...*eating kinder bueno while typing

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