Friday, February 5, 2010

It SWEET and i think i wanna EAT my umbrella

Here some story,lol..still sempat lg..wen i was walking to the FIT..hahah..i see a lovebird..soooo in sweet lah..m not in a bad motive anyway..just an innocent passer by that accidently see a stuff..of course i was alone,enjoying the blazing hot sun of Malaysia *wishing for a snowflakes in the blazing afternoon..gosh,merely me some bbq sauce then..m ready to be on the grill spot~alright2 dats not the point..where was i just now,,the problem when i have keyboard,pen,pencil or any writing tools..god..i will never cross a definition of "full stop"
Lets go back to d story shall we,damn (talking to mysev)..lo..its kindda sweet seeing those two people (lovebird.or whatever u wanna define it)..the guy was holding d umbrella..and d girl was so secure under his attention..*cant believe m sayng thing..a moment a way to be the love analyzer..maybe dey dun notice me..n wen dey reach the hall..hahahahha..diz girl actually kiss d guy's in..(xtau nk explain..d things dat u always do to ur mom..salam and kiss)..hahahah..i was sooooo paused there n almost langgar tiang..(those are ppl from my biz class)..hahahahahhahaha...for the god sake i felt like i noe everyone in my university..(i dun wanna bother anyway) i leave it walk away to FIT and enjoy my time wif my chocs drinks afterwards..n i dun even remember their face anyway..those were really sweet..but i dun really care me wht cross on my mind on dat moment were..m looking at my umbrella..(not thinking of who shud be holding it..hish..but i do think good if ther is smone who's holding my umbrella for me..but since m in hurry m not really into it)..i was just thinking about ICED CHOCOLATE!!!hahaha..come on! dats not my business so i dun wanna bother..
Moral of the story :dun let me use brown colored umbrella..its all chocolaty~yummy

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