Sunday, February 28, 2010

S.t.o.p me frm being NONsense F.R.E.A.K

Frankly speakin' i hate sun!!but we cant possibly hate god creation,,honestly its darn burning me like crazy~i have my 6th shower since 8 pm last nite..feel like takin off my skin as well,,its hot..please raining,,uhhh..i dun wanna be a roasted aisya,,i have no idea wht to write but 5 days without facebook and blog wasnt killing me dat bad i gez,,i have tons f letter to be done and meeting report (minit mes.....xtau eja),,tell u wat,i was staring at my lappy for 1 hour for 2 lines of bm word,,i was so pissed i end up writing ol tos letter in english,hah!!padan mke...--trying to download justin beiber song-- i think i fallinluv wif a kid!!cutie!!nice voice!!however diz ovarian cycle reli killin me!!damn!i dun have dat pinkish pill (not ecstasy okay-----> its pain killer)..the moment i hate being a girl!anyway,m cool now wif everything and i dun feel like i wanna care bout anything,so i just concentrating on my FYP 1..i'll grad next year,,so approximately 10 month left,,i put so much endorsement in effort of staying here,,i reli like srwk as the way it does,*no sweat i reli do,i have lovely friends frm srwk,dewi,irene,martha,debbie..,cuz its a quite harmony place,,not much pollution and political crux i supposed,,but then i dun feel like staying in Malaysia (sorry mom and dad i reli cant) m gonna finish my degree and let me have my MBA away frm Malaysia,,i must be crazy lately...ahhhh wat m i doin here anyway!!!i got dean list my pointer is 3.4 and above i still lost!!!i wish i were just a 6.55 in d morning~~~stop me frm being nonsense freak..yaiks

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