Sunday, February 14, 2010

Historical Days

"i dun need no one to tell me bout heaven.." ever remember this song??kindda cracked frm my memory. This song was out in year 2002~ where my mum still threaten me to stop buying Galaxy Magazine..where it still 3 buck at the moment..of course i was red blood enav..having piling up issues of those wen i bumped those classic entertainment!!its all stapled n nice shot..those made me realize how many years i had left my schools..and started to miss it...truly..
Digging into my few years of history.."count backword to 54321 before u get too heated and turn on.." wen kyle monogue still in action..i love dat song..that era of justin timberlake wif his future sex album..exploding in music spot!!..i miss my good old days..where everything hasn't turn very much despair and emotional still not so clean record in primary and secondary school without puppy everytime school organize REQUEST service..i'm the one who feel like not going to schools..this request thingy make ur early morning full of high level sugar item on ur desk..who the hell sending those to girl name "aisya"..and i always ducking frm any of bullet questions..non-stop frm classmates..or even the most embarassing is when class had started..the deliver agent (sortta postman) knocked on d door with roses and chos and cake!!!even worst wen its math class..all my concentration on trigonometry the end of the day..those roses were really left dried under my desk and the cakes i was mean enough an gave it to my classmate..
Besides those pop fame thingy..i miss playing basketball wif my clan..caroline!!..she used to dragged me whenever there is a spotcheck..i used to play till bleeding2..bruises everywhere...till my mom babbled on how i get my pant torn every week..and the funniest thing ever,my bestie and i went naughty all over..mucking form 6 students,i dunno y i joined but..i just helped as a bridge..since like the entire school know me...*for both thing..notty and nice thing i did in school..
really miss those..the most is when i have to pull my land line phone wire everynite cuz ppl cant stop calling..really make me pissed,,as my dad glares dagger at me whenever calls came in..urghhhh..i dun even noe those ppl,,must be getting the number in d registration book in d office..(fuck those ppl!!) i was grounded for things i dun even is going on..and i didn't get my privilege becoz of dat..since then i reli hate boys tho..hahaha..and become female concious again after i end my high school in SMS SP..a 3 month "no nothing at all"relationship..haha..dat was stupid for trying and error..and reli error cuz i lost my best friend (no more best fren title)..fytin' for a boy was stupid....cuz,,he was just an absurd dumbass...then i fallinluv again..trully,,wif oxygen..this time is real,,cuz it make me is smthg that u need to fight for..whenever u still can afford fighting for it..and i just felt an emptiness wen he's not around..ther goes Aisya..okay2..enough on this stuff..
m going for CNY celebration this afternoon..

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