Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dead Beat

Wowwwwaaaaaaa, I won the election and those ppl who came were the 1st years majority..*still thinking while walking on the stage..m I really gonna do diz..well I just can’t run away..but today is my big day..reli important in my life cuz I tried to be responsible for bigger things..this is not an assignment it’s about fighting for community needs in an institution where there are various demographic thingy…man I reli sound like a business planner (screwed royal-dutch journals). Align CenterThis morning I was called upon to present TWICE..gez I reli caught DR KHAIRIL attention..presenting my alternatives how Malaysian society will be in 5,10 and effort wasn’t dat bad..i was in his special list..he is a bit weird in delivering style but never mind I just need to make myself competent and like he always said “CREATE VALUE” valuable I am to the world??thats what he always stress kan..n m looking forward for final exam review step is 80% of individual assessment and m complete and done with my stage..whatta complicated class…my work gonna be uploaded in Morpheus and ppl will download it..we’re talking about ur piece gona be a reference..ngeee..but!!!!!!!!!!!!this wasn’t really a jovial day..i dun wanna talk about it..cuz today is the day I see the true color of ppl around me..
Its kindda sad but never mind..just need to write a bit and m gonna be okay..(I guess….)..when comes to friends stuff m not reli in a good mood to talk about it..well forget it!!m kindda starve but m so sleepy..too tired,like got bunch of stuff to do
1.workin out for the business management
2. goin for class w/o sleep
3.being on a tip of iceberg
4.class end at 1 election at 2..m starving
5. give speeches which is anything that cross my mind cuz I didn’t prepared to hand the letter for KBR
8.go to finance department of uni.
9. do smth to cheque
10. waiting for bus wif khad
11. futsal draw,,cuz teammate cant make it so I have to (like plenty of texts which about d same thing)
Conclusion : Tired+disappointment+zero jovial+no more energy
*m taking my migraine pills to sleep..*_*

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