Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anyone wanna help me do my thesis??huuuuu..chilly morning here..wif magazines stranded everywhere on my bed..i was so stupid to think dat cleo actually misprinted their mags..but then it was actually double sided confusing magazine..february issue..special for VALENTINE..whatever...
Went for shops yesterday and havin quite okay meals at planet sambal..anyway..i think smth got into my head,,gosh m acting weird.."this is not our Aisya" tim says..and ida keep asking how to use my mp4 touch pad la ida..dats y xde button..dat one is for next and paused before u off..tutorial sekejap~
Then we went for spring cuz tim and ida and aleng and cken looking for stuff for their LI..i was absolutely xtau cuz m the only black sheep ther..different i end up buying body butter (smells really buttery) and hair cream and hair cologne spray version (30 buck man!!bru sedar akn pembaziran) as bueno!!and suddenly delighted by Hershey cookies chocs..sedap woo..triplet pack..i have a big suprise for my friends..its about gonna be a tough day wrapping chocs for my friends..(this is the beauty wen ur friend dint read ur blog)..
my bad again!!kaki tersepit dkt closet..*dun cry!!!..thanx to my closet yg telah meyebabkan more than dozen kecederaan per semester..anyway poor my foot but the even poorer for tim cuz kne sleep alone cuz mimie went back to johor.*her honey cake danial send her to d airport...amboiiiiiiiiiii...hahaha..sweet pair!!she even change her name in FB into mimiedanial honeyFree..speaking about FREE. we have names for each SugarFree, Tim FatFree ,Cken CashFree,Aleng HandsFree,Ida PimpleFree..and mimie HoneyFree..apakah~~~.....inspired by me..

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