Sunday, February 7, 2010

I hate being sick and ppl see me WEAK

Dissapointed...dissapointed..not dat nice..grieve..sorrow..just get out..just get out..
m going to pause the posts..m currently under health probation..*i'm not suppose to get up frm bed..hate being sick..cuz it reli make me sick seeing me sick and sickly unavailable,disable..why do we hav to listen to doctors??and to ppl outthere talk to me in english plez..m tired speakin in malay..reli sounds like a kindergarten kids spelling ABC..
1.This is me
2.i'm sengal
3.I'm not attracted to lousy stuff
4.I just wanna be the real me
5. I dun wanna control my anger anymore *so get ready for those who make me shaken
6.I dun wanna noe any gossip
7.I'm into sports
8.I love engineering stuff *fluids
9.I'm banning garbage foods..n i dun eat lousy stuff
10.Dont knock my door *physically and literary..if xfm find a dictionary and literature book..
11.Get Real
12.There's no point being a follower
13.I'm not a nice friendly person
14.Dont talk to me if u DUNNO me
15.No turning back
16.Dun blame me for being wicked
17.Dun make me stress
18.Dun play too much hoodwink
19.Anyone wanna mess with me Bring It On
20.I'm not a monument,statue,whatever

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