Monday, February 22, 2010

New Introduction

Tomorrow is Probation Day 1:Introduction
My room totally smell like a chocolate,is it because of my perfume combination or the air freshner or even ther's actually exposed chocs in my room..After a few hour thinking so i take diz step,not brilliant enough but i can assure that there will be changes in my behavior.*refers to appaling nice carved one..haih,no claz for 12-2..So tmrow wil be first of my Anger Management Probation and Jovial Forever..
Things to do
~writing policies
~update memo board
~printing out drama script (before my lovely houghton eddie membebel~it'll take ages to stop and even worst my fanclub in ESE claz)
~framework RM
~picking laundry
~get someone expert to translate report into bm
~Law *sexual harrasement case
Tips of the day
inhale,exhale let it go
always stick wif chocs *remain calm
not forget to SMILE

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