Saturday, February 13, 2010

2 event--proud being me+swollen leg

As far as we,me,world,everyone is concerned..tmmorow will be the first two event in a row..Chinese New Year and Valentine Day..things dat caught my eye is chinese new year..i miss my jules,caroline,joanne and lei chin..and lee shi and fei shan..and wilson..happy chinese new year frm Malaysia~still Friday in UK..i'm not sure US ..its 1 am gez..
Thinking what wud be so special for those pairs outthere this years..hahaha u guys wont get any CHOCOLATES!!! instead a bouquet of roses..this year u'll get bouquet of see Feyy get ready to have her i dunno what Danny wanna give dat "makcik"..and bare wen she'll brag on how danny take her to a sweet downtown trip..wan and irz,gosh not Florida again~plez i had enough seeing your drama in Florida..Yuen and Nazmi still looking for a place to hangout..m gonna have to spend my entire "no nothing day" seeing roses..cuz tmorow roses will be everywhere..and so wif chocs and teddies..(stay in d house is better and dont go shops or anything..sooo u wont see) *going about downloading movies for tmmorow..yeah great my fb was tagged wif so many valentine stuff..uwaaaaaa..apakah~~fagged seeing videos no have any preparation..i just finished my wrapping thingy,,2 hours locking my door wif swollen leg and sat on d chilly floor wrapping stuff..uuuuu..pinky ribbon gonna make 'em faint aint say no more words..for Tim,Cken,Aleng and Ida..mimie's one i had postpone it to d end of Chinese New YEAR..hmmmm..
At this kindda moment~lazy evening..i reli miss that person..hmm..not because tmmrow is valentine but even before or a week ago a month ago.. i had started to miss that person and i just cant stop missing my Mr Morning after dark (vamppy)..if i tell..hmmm..i noe the Aisya shut up!!.*what m i saying!!!!!..
Anyway~i got this new hobby of reading biz COOKING SOUP!!!awesome..
sweet corn soup
soy soup
carrot soup
taufu soup
spicy red soup
i dunno since when i love to do such thing..but yesterday i was "bebel"ed by them "aisya behave urself..hahaha..anyway.dats just me..doing my unappropriate appealing stuff..complaining about a pages of paper,sitting manner,laughing manners, xtermasok ethics in games (basketball)
Tim says "i cant be control wen da mengganas" pn...but anything proud to be me~tho melalak2 in d shower 13 hits song in d playlist and even play songs in d shower..going out 2 hours later all kecut kedut..*m i using d write vocab??lol

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