Saturday, February 6, 2010


First ball hit my wrist..dats okay..second ball thump my tummy really hard..m still alive..when people was like jump on me n i got so many bruises here and there..thats too much..i cant barely move my left leg tho..swollen wif purple colorod blood..n plus its can futsal be this vile anyway..lucky my fingers arent affected n i have to lie on bed to type the blog..gosh..horrific..i didnt go for PANGEA..cuz i think my tissue on my knee just get some painful issue..what if the bruise getting black and what if it getting swell very2 big..xmau..xmau..
It is so painful i can tell...i was trying to tackle the ball and these girl come out of nowhere make me tumbling and there is another girl coming and was like jump on me..we almost kissed...she was just a few cm from me..damn..i heard a sound from my back..cuz m d one who lie down on d floor..damn..this is so not good!because its sooooooo hurtful and my basketball spot act up!i twisted my right leg..gosh..n my backbone lg..apakah~~maaa so saket..i gez futsal is more horrendous than basketball..fhew~
The funny thing is i scream "shit!!my ovary wen d gal shot me on my tummy" thats kindda funny but damn saket u noe..this is experience of the day..i got sprained leg..bruises on my wrist..*now its getting green reddish already..some more on my knee and ankle and i think i have to go for doctor to check my tummy..internal concussion can be fatal..*please la that kind of thinking..plez2..cut it off...It was a jovial moment but full of pain..aduhai..(shall i put counter pain cream on the bruise now?or shall i get the ice..n great no one at home now cuz tey went for PANGEA..n only dat girl*urghhhh y she's home anyway..i just bertapa dlm blik..i dun wanna talk to her..=(( hurts..lets just sleep then..
so tahts all happen in the match today..xcluding the moment wher i see my ESE classmate..oh god..they were talking bout drama?????in dat situation..orait m in pain..

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