Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweets and Lolypops + Hair Cream

Last nyte was superb..huhu..i did my 1st stuff on engineering..instead of reading fluids really need to do second degree like postgraduate stuff after i grad later on..well i have doubt whether to use saloon cream or my herbal essence cream...hmm..both sounds nice..i have this stagnation of odor on lip balm also i wanna buy the apricot from body shop..and cranberry afterwards..huuuuu..sooo berryish..i love the smell tho~~..last time tim complain how i smell like ice powder smell so fruitty vanilla ice cream..ngeee..(she end up buying the same thing..tula...dah agak da she want it tooo)..then it spread to everyone smell almost d same hish..copy paste then kindda proud dpt mengembangkan dasar fruitty vanilla smell like me kepada mereka..wakaka..
Well,i just refill my sweets box..anyone who wants lolypop and sweets just grab some on my desk..


Cool boy said...

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AshLisbeth Blomkovist said...

Sorry that i just checked very recently, hahaha, anyway thanks, this is one big emo blog, im pleased to have a reader :D