Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alang2 dah worst bia aku jd tambah trok

FUCK!!!!probation day is over!!everyone go away!!i tot i love the person i love and he loves me back..and what did he said just now ---LINES DAT U WILL NEVER FORGET FOREVER--what m i waiting for?angin..pasir..tanah..debu..i'm waiting for nothing..thats torn!reli torn everything..why the hell everytime its not my fault i still kne!!xbley ke MANUSIA DALAM DUNIA NI SETTLE BAIK-BAIK????xbleyh ke????i just felt like a shit in d middle of trash can..ready to be buang kat selatan sudan!..i will never forget those lines forever..cuz its the FIRST THING I EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE dat goes really suck in my heart..no more probation m changing..into the WORST!i dun care~i am bad before n after..i wanna be worst person than ever...cuz no one ever care!the person that i tot care dun really care..instead...hah!--The BEST LINE EVER ---..being insulted all the time.....m being nice but ppl step on me!walking across my head laughing hard..i always tell the truth when i'm supposed to lie..but i stop lying because i love him..i being fussy for the rest of my life..but i changed a bit because i tot he will always be there for me..wen i fell deep underground..when i need him..he's not there...what had i done wrong in the past life that make me face ol this shitty thingy now?????

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