Saturday, February 20, 2010

Obscure Situation Here

Regular routine~lunch *wil die w/o it..1st time of d month i have this internal urge to end up my claustrophobic (beria je ayat) by givin damn light to get into my room *open my window and curtain..obviously dusty..sitting dumb facing ceiling since morning,dun reli hav any idea what suppose to be done exactly..i read over my prev posts *reading own material is aweful in a sense of,what d hell i've been thinking all this while..gosh~i spotted so many grammatical error..(screwed subject verb argument)..yet i still find zilch piece of work to be done. With some nuisance thought that overwhelmed my parietal lobe..moving contagiously to frontal and affect some in wernicke area..the thinking pathway lead to a negative lane and its not docile enough to make it percept things otherwise. Right now,i dun have any explicit choice.
So,i took my dictionary and began reading it,hoping some of d words might stuck in my brain forever. I was totally obscure about myself doing thing for today..i have this obsession of VAMPIRE (dual meaning and i mean it both)..and i spent 1 hour and a half digesting,checking,digging MPH bookstore yesterday (dat cost me RM 41 after 20% discount for membership~) so next destination any bookstores are forbidden for me,,this month i had overindulged myself in buying Novel~(You kill me,smart casual,hysterical blondness and vampire kisses coming soon dancing with vampire)...and in 2 month i have piling up receipt (showing how shame a big spender like me)..its all about Business magazine,books and foods..urghh..m gonna get insomia after calculating total sum of thousand smthg..*include new specs dat i bought last month..but those novel reli kills me..i just cant stop buying it,i love reading!!:( never mind..m gonna have to change my policies, allowing 2 novel for a month (i deal wif mysev) and read it slowly..m gona be a bit its okay for books rather than other unnecessary stuff..cuz my mom didnt complain at all..but its just me worrying on overspend for books..

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