Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Cells My Vein My Nucleus

i cant deny,,i reli miss vammpy halfway to death by now(i bet he didnt noe)..have u ever been in love?sounds goofy try this have u ever starts to care bout someone?when u wif them u feel like u dun wanna think about universe..just both of u..once upon a time ak pnah ckp dat love=somthg yg ssh untk dilakukan..its not ssh but we the human being yg make it susah..anyway..
i need a place to throw myself to..
"i need a relationship that i can finally sink my teeth into...."vampire kisses by ellen shreiber
i dun mean it dat way (just bcoz i call him vammpy) but think deeper beyond the words,this isnt about being in lust okay,just think beyond it,its about acceptance..i trust him,believe him more than anything in my life does..cuz in my brain my vein my impulses my cells my epidermic my neuron..its all about him!!cuz i darn love him..oryte dats all cuz m gonna spill things too much and dats not nice,,keep half of the reasons in me tho..imy ily

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