Friday, February 5, 2010

Thats just me

Whatta i woke up at 4 and continuosly awake~Thursday is always my laundry day..if somebody happen to want to kill me its easy life structure my norm will never ever change..*put me aside from crime thingy,dats creepy (no one wanna kidnap n kill me or assault me..). It was fun,dumpiong ur clothes in d washing mechine and wait for 30 minutes..(feeling like home) i miss my washing mechine at
My day was terrifically tiring,i went for meeting and demonstration and document filing..i end up sleeping at 7.45!!!i have interprogramme debate supposedly..n shud be ther at 8..but i was carried away by my sleepy desire..unfortunately i fell asleep and woke up like 6 hour later and i text grisha "hows d debate i just woke up"..i missed 2.0 credit hour~i am sooooooo limbs head spin like merry go round diz eve..
Actually i tot i had died because of fatigue,u see m moving everywhere frm here and ther..HEP to college and to faculty of engine and to faculty of technology..damn i dun have time for lunch!i just grab some cheese tart look smth at the cafeteria~*that cud be my fav place ever cuz they dun serve spoiled foods..if people knows me well they'll say i'm weird..cuz I AM WEIRD..
There so much thing that is so difficult to explain,like why i dun lyke mayo and mushrooms..urghh..dats just me

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