Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wrong Timing

Yes it is~~I have this stupidness of night perhaps,I fell asleep which i tot juz for few min,m so fatigue n dehydrated because of stomach ache..gosh tell me which part i did wrong for my health-sigh-
Even worst wen i on my notebook which screw my mood entirely tonight!i dun wanna crap bout diz..but seriously I hav 2 A's upon 3 subject of intersession. i was suppose to get 3.9..but the slacks..the 3rd subject~~i screwed my japanese tho..dat was the worst result ever..seriously..m outta mood now..because of dat my pointers..huhhh..reli dun wanna talk about it..m gonna repair dat soon in the next intersession which mean..NO HOLIDAY AGAIN!i dunno what to do in diz Sarawak btw..i wish i were home wif my bed,mom,lil annoy bro,dad...n mom will yell in front of my door to wake me up evryday which i noe i get my mp4 n plugged my ear..she end up throwin away my comforter..spare keys of course..but i love dat,rather than..dull here seriously not in the mood of anything..i can do better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!why i have slacks..seriously shit

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