Saturday, August 29, 2009

Do I look I.L.L

Ahh,great!I'm so stranded in d mood of being isolated frm the crowd..hello m juz coughing,i have itchy throat man!dats it..m totally cured frm any sickness,its just my cough still not recovered..i was urge to left the claz by my lovely Dr Tan(felt like crying)..
Noe what I put such effort diz morning to wake up n dress up n having shower to go to that replacement claz cuz i think i'lll miss alot of thing..yah ryte dun aspect ur effort will be appreciated,instead i was dismissed in front of the entire class(lecture hall)..whoaaaa :((..firstly in pn dayang claz n now dr tan..after diz lily dublin?miss vicky?..DO I LOOK ILL????dats the biggest QUESTION. because i came to claz wif obviously JOY N MERRY N OVERJOVIAL..
Probably next time i shud commit some medical conformation n i shud wear matric card which state my current medical status..seriously I cant believe he urge me out..btw i can continue my beuty sleep but i hav no mood,i was planning to study after claz since dat thing happen..bye2 books n slides..m focusing on tammy,novel,bed,samsung,sleep,songs...dats ol for the great morning i have,no cursing since its holy month~okay..m out

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