Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm B.A.C.K~

Ladies and fasting a few month from deliberating lame issues on the net I’m back!!(beware of dirty words). I guess I missed a lot of things lately. I just focusing on my boyfriend btw—not in da account of blog—well,I missed a lot of dirty time hahaha..just a slow recap perhaps that will do kot~
Recently ,not really recently it happen last month wen I used to pick up my result—taraaaa!!!!i got dean list….my eyes seem to pop out..reli dun remember wen did I read the books for exam..what twirling in my head was I played games n absolutely skyping around(it was 24/7) sometimes I even doze off on my notebook n wake up wif read forehead n iritatin’ nose(pdan mke)….god knows how for sure..
Huwaaa…the previous intersession had end so soon…(glad or disturbed?)hahah..i’m lost in my own definition of FREE!BUT…..not yet over since new semester coming right after my Japanese exam end(I dun like diz)..btw Sarawak is getting hotter at the moment..sometimes I felt like a roasted chicken walking..seriously hottttt..
And as mention in the previous post on temperament did happen tho!n for real I didn’t step my feet ther until today..dats what we call not gonna pull my ego till de day I die~wen I say I hate it here come the hatred..but just so sorry to ol my gang la cuz dey hav to bare wif me cuz I really wont step my feet ther ever we have our meals in lakeview which quite okay(god screw me for being meticulous)…
This is just a short recap so the final one is the entrepreneur thingy..we sold stuff for few days..obviously our group open at 9 n closed at 3..dengan raining n tbe2 hot..reli make me sick tho..the last day of exhibition we didn’t open our stall..i thought ckin,tim,mie,ida n leng went for opening..but..hahhaha..we were ol in sided fortune tol…

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