Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Okay

Hello whatsoever~m gonna tell u smth outstanding,how to break-fast at mcD counter..haha..obviously so desperate wen its olready time for break d fast but u still in the lines of people,wanting to buy fuds,,sounds so kesian for those y perut dah croakin n the air inside buat bungee jumping frm ur lungs to intestine(wasnt it hurtful?)..Puasa is all about no foods,but if u dont eat d entire day u still not gonna die arent ya..its proven by me,i didnt sahur n break-fast at 9..n still alive(god will),i supposed thers no excuse for those outhere to fast in diz holy month,come on u're not gonna die..
To the surprise my non muslim friend loves dates(kurma) soo much. Beside of having intention of dieting la..shez buying diz yusuf taiyoob thingy..n so overexcited for it,,hahah..its okay,she'll be fine but hopefully she eat those for d entire day,,mmg payah..
Speaking bout fasting...whats the best thing for puasa at strangers land is u have lots of friend dat bukak story wen time bukak puasa,,seriously many stuff to be shared. Dats the nicest thing puasa away frm ur hometown..its gona be a lil difficult for people y still homesick..come on la,,raya nnti leh balik,xyah nk sick2..hahah
Btw,i have great time n m okay..burries those weird unbalance feeling jap,,n stay out frm probs..dat wud be have to write back soon~~

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