Monday, August 31, 2009

Buka Puasa at UNCLE'S

Here I am at d livin room,lepakin wif my cousin n da lil one Najwa..haha..she's so funny,juz now crying cuz she fell..haha,,suddely she laugh again~~kids..haha,btw kinda nice cuz i dun hav slugs connection here..m goin back to college at eve i gez..huwaaa..tmorom claz..xmo2..alamak i didnt bring my charger..great!xlme lg battery K.O..huwaa
Nobody online at this stake..tdokah mimie n tim n aleng n kin n ida jgak..last nite dey hav charity dinner which i missed dat one,but worth havin my aunt cook y super sedap..alaaa sowry to deb n leng2 i cant make u guys dat mixie fruttie wif ice cream time la,,adoh..61% more battery..lolz..make diz very2 very fast!m not bad in typing laa..heheh..baru sedar i type kindda laju..
Forget bout those but i reli dun wanna balik..huwaaa..n one more thing i've been trying to keep in touch with my boy..but wher is he?is he okay?haiyoo

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