Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend n Sweet Corn Soup..

Wuaa the day at uncle's over,gonna miss pjol,emi,wan,sam,joi and da lil one najwa..adoh2,i've been melepaking dgn hebatnye these 2 days,of course ignorance~m a relax person,i hate stress..tgokla wen m stress(wet ol over n i dun talk to people)gler freaky,,
Btw i was spending my time wif dat cute lil kid,,haha,tho i went for shower she'll cry cuz she wanna play wif me,lol.am i dat good towards kids?i dunno how to treat kids actually,,so i just dukung her around.She juz 2 YEARS OLD n i cant understand her saying..haha..she speaks a lil english sarawak malay..hard time to translte so i juz nod for everythin what she said..
At nite i purposely stranding myself in front of tv watching back to back CSI..man i havent watch diz thing for ages(unimas dun hav astro in apartment)..whoaa..terase malas nk naik upstairs to mandi~~lol..troknye..m lepakin wif my autie,shez crazy bout this CSI so i hav fanclub,n my cuzzie aroud,,planning to go out next week..huuu..lucky pjol n others goin for terawikh,,kalo x mmg super bising at watching room.
Suddenly teringat syaful,huhu..he olwez offer us his cookies if we happen to watch dvd wif him..gosh the super crazy home theater y dmodified oleh farhan..
Now i rememba smth,my uncle lupe gimme PIC RAYE last year(i broke my dad's camera),ol cuzzie around xcept mak long's..dey ol went back to negeri 9,some balik melaka(m not sure wht dat place named) n some at johor(BP,Muar,Segamat)..I missed family gather tho~i hav lots of anak buah..only wen family gather i'll be able to met em...I miss Sophie!!lil cute fella y byk mulut,n Elisa(alliya elisa) as well and the most Damia(paling2 byk mulut byk tanye byk bergerak byk hyper!). Cant wait to raya but one of my uncle wont be around..huuu..gez gotta try raya at Srwk tho..mcm best je.Nway i miss chokey,piq,nabil,ateyn,elly,nano,sarah,iman,ren,den.iwan,shida,ina,nani,yin,zikry.
As well "THE YASMIN GANG"(haha)...syaful,farhan,fara,mira,shkin,sharina,daya,taufeeq,nastain,finaz,faiz,ana(+pjol+emi+najwa+wan+sam+jojoy),sara,baizura,borhan,ashraf...huwaaa.raye la cepat!!!diz year gonna take lots of pic since dad had...heheheheheh..new flashy~~xmo rosakkan lg!precious stuff..we'll take pic smpai 8G.huuuu...newayy..so tired juz get back!n wireless slow again..i have heaven of conection at uncle's tp lpe bwak laptopnye charger..hish3..nway m gonna do some stuff..(missmyboytoobutwherdid hego?isheokay?or he'sill?soamn WORRIED!)..daaa~

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