Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm Off- - - >officially out

Sadly,i have no feeling of write such thing thru net anymore..thing make me upside down is the net..
well,this mite be the last word frm me before i officially out frm diz blog. Wen the condition is okay perhaps I'll be back. But then m officially out n dunno wen i'll be back in here~~to both of my followers diz is d temporary end. Perhaps after i finish my degree den i'll be back to write.As for now i choose to be dormant. Diz isnt my choice either but this is the best~~suppose to be my choice!
Well ther r few unconditional reason for me to end my visibility in diz blog. M focusing on debating which caused me 24 hours saliva waste..the tense frm every angle killing me,therefore i hav di choice of solution..not bad i one reli read
I dun wanna people to noe my status quo n my sucks day--i hav diz new policy of no-sharing..huhu..just bare wif it.
With dat as well i can dcrease my mentall emoic and bad words such as (s***,f%$#) i save i deed for myself tho..Tho now m havin ulcer in my mouth dat caused me to suffer in diz fasting month and my teeth aching so frekin last tooth appear to grow wildly..--saket--..So after a week of being a talkative mynah(this is bird species okay)..m gonna shut up before debate cmpetition..n my mood as well not occasionally balance n i hav this periodic mental riot(hahaha jokin la--its depression jerr)
gonna miss my dirty words n diz blog tho..its the end..n i'm out ..

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