Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stressful week~~stupid intervention

Riot!Riot!m feeling well am I??i had spent my last few hours contaminating my unconcious feeling by laughing with those chicks(aai n her business n it happen to be i bought her item..gosh~but reli cute la dat thing). Still after those hours end i return to abnormal state again,,well things goin so stressful this entire week. Imagine its been more than damn half of the semester suddenly~~thers a clash claz!Friday wil be my day of fckin disaster(<------sorry for dat)!!this week it comes out to be me being so pressurable n tension n dipress n awful n unconcious..i hav role play on Fiday which carry lots of mark n at the same time the penyibuk claz dat suddenly masuk in table wanna do quiz!!so!what wil happen to me 2.30 claz vs 3.00 claz. Okay now i hav headache already~~i wish no one talk to me rite now but i need people to talk to me..wua...hows dat!..end of semester shud be a time to relax n enjoy the specific for final exam..i dont giv a shit on this~so freakin hate ma univrsity by far i havent recieve any assignment frm one of my subject..THIS reli killing me!i need assignment faster! i dun wanna mix up my revision time wif those lame things!i had planned each of my day~~diz so gonna screw everything..this is not de only thing that make me stress ther are more subdipress issue..wua!WTH!diz sem is so freakin shit!
Now m workin on OD N OC last assgnment~~so many stuff hitting my head in a time n ol bcoz of the new table that come out frm nowhere!!!m so pissed

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