Monday, August 17, 2009

Temperament O.V.E.R.load!!

Damn Shit!i dun care how much people wil condemn me for this..but occasionally I am what I ol friends outthere plez la dun go to dat stupid cafeteria again..i did say shit to dat so freakin f*&*^ hungry tho!n wht on earth I got was a bloody salty intention to eat was disturbed crazily..wht do u think people?i pay for dat okay!!!tho its just 4 buck but I really into it!-note dat his granpa didn’t pay my dad for my fuds..DAMN!!!i ‘m so pissed!m outta mood. My anger really hit badly!tooo many curse dah from A to Z ..any curse in d world I had spill it out!i was mngamuk dgn hebatnye in cafĂ©!damn dat boy!!!i was talking to him in bhasa MELAYU not Spanish,neither French or even English!...i said dat “mknan ni masin gle2 sy xleh makan,bleh sy tukar lain?”is dat bahasa korea?????????i’m so puzzle like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!plez la amek claz bhasa..tho my BM is bad I still understand people u noe!damn3!m sooooooooooooooo mad like hell. By now I guess ol my brain cells were exploding wif black smoke..m reli pissed..paling xbleh blah dat guy buat bodo wen I talk to him..helllllo hell stupid boy,m talking to u okay..m not talking to sudu n fork or the soup!if dey giv d food to cats as well those creature mite willing to die rather den having stupid,idiot,bloody,shit unreasonable fuds ever!note dat diz is da last time I went ther for my dinner!dengan people y xpham bhase,n annoying n useless!m really meticulous wen it comes to fuds..wen I say dat way I has to be dat way not diz or those cooking is better den those people!baik ak je y pegi masak kt kitchen tuh!dasar sengal!my worst dinner ever!full of shitty thingy..wuaaaaaaaa…m so pissed like hell!gimme my money back n u can keep dat irritating fud right in ur it man!den u noe how f%&^*& masin was was lyke u put 20 spoon of garam in ther..i cant even swallow dat!tau x m hungry!lapaaaaaaaaaaaaa!i can fry u n roast u people for ma dinner taw!m sooooo pissed!

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