Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beautiful Day W.E.I.R.D.N.E.S.S

Gez I shud stop writing here..somehow m not gonna post lame issues again,m goin back to my real journal diary which I've been sleeping with everynite,dat wil do..u see I started to think reveal ur expression to public can be nonsense. Think about it, who's gonna care?Old fashion way will do kot..writing using ink is better,,tho sometime m over the space in dat diary(purple butter)..but wasnt I dun wanna people noe,,n blog goes to anonymous..haha..m confused already,me with my confused head..olwayz..
Feeling something different when i open my eyes today,counting how many hours i've been spending to sleep last few hours. With notes under my blanket I realize dat I fell asleep like troll n its a very2 deep sleep i gez. Surprise I have my morning shower which I rarely have because of "kemalasan". Usualy i hav it at noon tho~
Seriously today is different,I have lots of thing to settle today,my notes,my assgnment,my appointment,my senggang(debate) and my whatsoever more in house---huh..its okay gonna get used to it,I gez my intersession spoil me alot n turn me into diz plastic hardworking..m gonna bark up for diz,,sure not at the wrong tree =)
I suddenly hav feeling that my mum read my blogs..haha..(No Way!!xmungkin)..forget it cuz it bring no harm at all..
Fuhh,,my 6th sense telling me smth but I hold it on 1st cuz i gotta focus on my studies,,need to push my pointers to long as it exceed 3.7 diz sem m so gonna be okay..if its vice versa..m so not gonna forgive i fill my bullet to the fullest so dat I can shot more to the accurate..(stupid analogy frm me again) weird post today~~m off for books now,,c ya..dunno wen..

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