Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Analogy dispersion

Hey..hey..(sounds weird..lol).I woke up as my phone ringing badly.Really I forgot how can it be I mean sleeping wif my phone slides open..n I woke up because my phone da stranded bwah katil...kasihan handphone ku..Seriously I have nightmare last nite..Did i

overlook to sluice(is diz a rite word?) my feet before sleep?hmm..btw I was really not certain whether it was dream or real,,cuz I noe it occur wen I’m being so tired. In a sense of spiritual spooky threads I gez its smth. Woooo,I shud disregard dat bloody thingy,not to point out the horrific thud dat I heard last nite..ignore..ignore..pleaseee..

Well,obviously I missed my sahur today T.T..m so gonna be zombie in anaconda’s tummy..sluggish n sengal..haaha!whats dat suppose to mean. Seriously sorry to the readers(as if I have one) I make thing n my word complicated and I create my own stupid n awkward analogy.But I guess this morning so many thing happen n I just stay in my room under my warm comforter(huuuu xmo kuar xmo2)—even now typing in it—hehehe..

Hopefully slide handphone ak xrosak..because I gez its terfell dgn hebatnye last nite.Til the slides ter open..(screen check!Camera check!keypad check!3G check!)fuhhhh…hanya rawatan pesakit luar I gez..no concussion. Apehal la sengal sgt ..aisya handphone cannot be sick my dear oiii..End of story okay~hahaha..okay m goin for shower..Damn..so freezing!

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