Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Short inter F.R.A.M.E

Ahh..never underestimate my brain y slow nih..hahaha..it happen ol the time wen u mamai ol the way and u hit shower door!skank!hahaha..that was creatively made me olmost fell in d shower..syez brain damage in frontal lobe that shud be cure using fmri surgery
Well i gez m late for claz arab today..lewat ke?xla..kan3..(tp dah 3 text in my inbox.."ney kau aisya")hahahaha..
Hmm,btw now in this lab waitin for my garang lab demo stil sempat crappin around in diz bloggy..hope today no more spotlite plezz..m so tired answerin question(cm fofuler la plekkk)..
Wipe those perasan thingy off la babe dats just a coincidence~~now is 4 smth2 n my tummy croackin lyke hell~~~

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